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Employee and Customer Appreciation

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Do you have an office staff that deserves a reward for their hard work? Or perhaps you have a business and want to show your customers you really appreciate the fact they have chosen to shop with you and you want to show your appreciation. Then we have just the answer.

Here at Heavenly Health Massage, we will come to your place of business to give seated massages to your customers or employees at a very reasonable rate.  You provide the location, we provide the massage.

Why a seated massage you may ask. A seated massage offers the benefit of being able to be done fully clothed in an open area while allowing the back, neck and shoulders where tension is often carried to be worked on. Its a quick pick me up for anyone and a great way to let people know you value their services or business.

Rates for these services are $70 an hour with a 2 hour minimum offering 5, 10, or 15 minute massages.

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