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Massage Parties

Massage parties are great options for:

  • girls night/day out

  • spa party

  • bridal shower

  • bachelorette party

  • birthday party

  • baby shower

  • pre wedding

  • graduation

  • welcome home

The host of the party will arrange to have some friends over for a party. Party attendees can be 3 or more people including the host. Parties can be held either at the home of the host or at another location of their choice.

While everyone gets to socialize and enjoy the party, all of the party attendees (including the host) receive a massage - one person at a time.

You can choose from:

* Seated /Chair Massage
* A half-hour massage session for each person
* A full massage session for each person
* Foot and lower leg massage
* A combination of services

For the full body massage: I provide a professional massage table, sheets, and lotions required for each massage. The lotion used is hypoallergenic and unscented and doesn't leave the skin oily. Therefore, there is no need to shower afterwards.

For the seated/chair massage: I provide a professional massage chair.

The type/style of massage can also vary with the following options:

* A relaxation massage: light touch, focused on eliminating all stress
* A Swedish style massage: uses medium pressure that helps eliminate soreness and promotes relaxation
* A therapeutic massage focusing on specific problem areas.
* seated/chair massage with work being done on back, shoulders and neck areas

I do everything I can to accommodate your needs. Each massage session is tailored to the needs and wishes of the individual.

Contact us today to arrange for your relaxing massage party where the therapist comes to you.