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Why Try Sports Massage?

Sports massage should play a vital part in every athlete's training program. Regular massages can replenish energy, increase range of motion, reduce cramping and spasms, maintain muscle elasticity, prevent injury, and enhance performance

When is Sports Massage Beneficial?

Pre-Event: A quick massage before an event assists in the warm-up process. It boosts circulation and increases range of motion and flexibility, therefore reducing the chance of muscle and tendon injuries. By reducing muscle pain and soreness before an event, it gives the athlete not only a physical advantage but a psychological advantage also.

Post-event: Recovery after competition can be enhanced by a proper sports massage. It increases oxygen and blood flow to assist in the removal of fatigue toxins, relieving muscle spasms, and preventing soreness. It speeds the repair of damaged tissue. Not only does post-event massage relax tight, fatigued muscles, tendons, and ligaments, but also calms and relaxes the athlete, so they can quickly return to their pre-event condition.

During regular training: Whether you are just doing moderate exercise or intense training, sports massage can help you achieve your goals. When a muscle or tendon gets stressed from overwork, it can lead to injury if it is not given the proper attention. If there is soreness or injury present, it will greatly reduce the quality of the training session, resulting in less than optimum performance in competition. Sports massage assists in relaxing muscles, preventing injuries, and replenishes energy, resulting in more enjoyable, consistent, and quality training sessions.

How Can Sports Massage Help Injuries?

Massage is very effective for many common sports injuries, such as muscle and ligament strains and tendonitis. Massage reduces swelling, increases oxygen and blood flow, resulting in faster healing with less discomfort. Massage can reduce scar formation and make existing scars more pliable. Massage can help prevent further injuries caused by one muscle group overcompensating for an injured one. Sports massage helps regain range of motion and muscle stability, resulting in a quicker return to normal activity.

What Makes Sports Massage Different Than Other Therapies?

Sports massage uses several different modalities to achieve a goal. It focuses on pain reduction, injury prevention and recovery, range of motion, muscle strength and flexibility, increasing circulation, removal of toxins and relaxation. Treatment for an athlete can be focused on a specific area i.e. tennis elbow or a stiff neck, while other athletes call for a full body approach i.e. a gymnast or a runner. Each treatment plan must be specialized for the specific needs of the sport, and the client, there is no "we do this in this situation". Every client is different and has different goals and needs.